Determination of survival and hazard functions for pemphigus patients in Kerman, a southern province of Iran

Sadollah Shamsadini, Alireya R Fekri, Iraj Esfandiarpoor, Simin Saryazdi, Zahra Rahnama, Soodabeh Zandi, Saeideh Farajzadeh
Publication date 2006/6/1
Journal International journal of Dermatology
Volume 45
Issue  Pages 668-671
Publisher Blackwell Publishing Ltd
Background Pemphigus has in the past been associated with a high mortality rate. However,
with the discovery of corticosteroids, patient median survival has improved. Our purpose was
to assess median survival after confirmed diagnosis of pemphigus in patients in Kerman, a
southern province of Iran. Methods All patients who were either admitted to the hospital or
treated as outpatients in Kerman from 22 September 1987 to 22 September 1999 and who
had confirmed pemphigus were included in the study. Survival was estimated using the



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