Beard Hair For Hair Transplantation

Beard Hair as a Favorite Donor Site in Hair Transplantation; Comparison of Three Main Donor Sites

Ahmad Noori, MD¹, Fatemeh Moeineddin, MD²

Novin Iran Clinic, Shiraz, Iran

Skin & Stem Cell Research Center, Tehran University Of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran


Background: For many hair restoration patients with limited scalp donor hair it is possible to use non-head hair sources to increase the potential follicle supply

Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare multiple parameters of three main donor sites of hair transplantation, scalp, beard and body

Method: A total of 60 patients with limited scalp donor presenting at our clinic for transplantation enrolled in this study and 43 patients continued study to the end. After dividing the scalp recipient in three parts, the hair grafts had been harvested from three main donor sites (scalp, body and beard) engrafted to every part separately every month multiple parameters such as episode of hair loss, pace of growing, scar formation and patient satisfaction have been evaluated by two different dermatologists for six months. Photographs were obtained at the baseline, and every month during the study

Result: the space of growing was different between three donor sites. The speed of growth of beard hair was more than the other two donor sites and scalp was more than the body. Episode of hair loss was not seen in transplanted beard hair in comparison with the other sites. Scar formation seen in the scalp and beard was the same and significantly less than the body

Patient satisfaction of beard hair transplantation was significantly more than the other two parts and the scalp was more than the body. Interestingly the beard hair was more suitable for vertex than others


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